2006 NC-AADR
Business Meeting

April, 2006
- 2:00 pm, Tuesday, Brauer 030


Call to Order (President)

Report of the Secretary (Dr. Duarte) -- Approval of 2003 Business Meeting Minutes
Report of the Treasurer (Dr. Padilla)
Report of the Councilor (Dr. Bayne)
Report of the President (Dr. Frazier-Bowers)
        Summary of DRRD 2005

Election of New Officers (Patricia Pereira -- Chair of Nominating Committee)
        Proposed: President = Estelle Riche (from Vice-President)
        Proposed: Vice-President = TBA (from Secretary)
        Proposed: Secretary = TBA 
        Secretary = TBA (continuing as Treasuer)
        Councilor  = TBA (completing 3rd year of 3-year term)
        Past-President = Frazier-Bowers (from President)

Other Old Business (Dr. Frazier-Bowers)
       Spring Mixer -- When and where?

New Business (Dr. Frazier-Bowers)